Back to Beloit!

Well apparently going up and down the stairs at Vintage Bliss carrying heavy furniture and spending 4 hours reconfiguring my room was not good for my back... yep went out on me.  It's not as bad as it has been other times but I've spent the better part of today laying flat!  It's all worth it though if I know it makes my customers happy to find a new treasure in such a cool place!  In case you are wondering what we do there, we have a room upstairs that we keep filled with our "stuff",  there are also other vendors and the owners Rob and Kristy have the whole downstairs filled!  Once again if you have not had the chance, go to Beloit WI and do some treasure hunting.  Then go just down the street to Bushel and Pecks and have an awesome locally sourced delicious  meal!  So much to see and do in downtown Beloit!