A Great Flea Market Day!

Wow!  What a great day at Elkhorn Flea Market in good old Wisconsin!  At first we had a little drying off to do, but then the sun came out and so did all of you!  Boy do we love and appreciate our customers!  My largest item for sale sold first thing!  It was a very cool repurposed sheep dipping tank with a custom barn board top turned into a bar!  A lady bought it for her daughter's wedding!  What a great Mom!  Kuddos to When Pigs Fly for joining in on the find and Coole' Junque' in Whitewater for helping us transform that piece, it was a show stopper!  As was the repurposed crib they also helped transform!  Everyone especially the ladies loved that romantic sittn spot!  Who would have guessed one of our very own friends bought it to put on her lovely porch, and does it ever look perfect there!  Thanks again for keeping us running all day yesterday, the day really flew by and now after a short rest we will get to finding for ya! Remember to go to our Facebook page for best updates--facebook.com/d.apothecary