Pray Big

Most of the time I have a life that I feel very blessed to live.  Sometimes though, God answers prayer that may be silly to others but for me, it really helps me to see how he is concerned about even the tiny details of my life.  I saw this last fall when I was really scrambling to find certain items for the Christmas Shoppe, I prayed that if this was the direction I should be going, than please help me find the items I need to be successful, asked and answered in BIG ways!  Then, lately I prayed about what I will be doing next with Apothecary Design, and then once  I made the  decision, prayer to help me start finding items I would need for a spring shoppe weekend, and boy did he deliver!  Quietly letting me know what was good for me and my family where Apothecary Design was concerned and then filling my inboxes full of great finds for all of you!! PRAY BIG!