Post Pop UP

Another Christmas Pop Up Shoppe and what a success it was!  If you would have told me a year ago about everything that was going to happen with Apothecary Design over the next year since our last Christmas Pop Up, I would never have believed you!!  Several more pop ups, several vintage markets, becoming part of a wonderful vintage store, starting an Etsy Shop, closing in on 2000 followers on Facebook and just the shear joy of it all!  I, or should I say we,(there are a few of us contributing here) feel so incredibly blessed to have all of this happen in one year, it's a little crazy sometimes when things happen so fast, but sometimes you just have to roll with it, and everything goes fine! I will be keeping you posted on what's next for Apothecary Design, but for now check out our ever expanding Etsy shop, you can follow the link on our home page!