Cold on Cold

It has been just about 2 years since I had a bad cold- I know, remarkable right??  So this one has knocked me on my back side to say the least!  Then there is the arctic freeze we are having right now in Wisconsin-not ready for Winter, not ready for Winter, say it with me now NOT READY FOR WINTER!  Except for Christmas of coarse!  I love Christmas!  Which brings me to our second annual Vintage Christmas Shoppe topic.  What will you find there:  Stars and lots of them, birch stars, hand felted stars, star ornaments, star garland, mini trees, medium trees, big trees, real and fake! Deer, deer and more deer!  Fuzzy deer, newsprint deer, glitter deer and even a deer made out of cattails (the plant)!  Cloches big and small with wonderful curiosities in them, fairy lights, signs, both  handmade and vintage remakes.  Topiaries and Terrariums! Lots of  great hand painted furniture, vintage christmas items and other antiquities and much much more!  So come join us and When Pigs Fly on November 20th or 21st or 22nd from 10-5. Yes that's right, you have only 3 days to get a chance to see and or get, some of the best Christmas stuff in Wisconsin! 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI