Not quite Halloween, but ready for Christmas

So Halloween is next week and I'm ready for Christmas!  Well Christmas pics, posts, and pine trees that is!  I never used to be like this but in my world now, once your big fall shows are over you gotta start thinking about Christmas right away, cuz your Christmas shows come quickly after Halloween with everyone wanting to get a jump on decorating and gift buying.  So that explains pics and posts but what about pine trees you may ask, I just love love them, the smell, how they look and how they and other trees and topiaries blend with my vintage goods!  I am so excited for our 2nd annual Vintage Christmas Shoppe this year because When Pigs Fly is joining in the fun!  That means there will be twice as much Vintage Christmas Awesomeness as last year!  So make sure to join us November 20th, 21st and 22nd at 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI. That's deer hunter's widows weekend for us Wisconsinites, you know, when husbands give wives permission to buy whatever they want because they are having such  a great time with their bros chasing after the elusive thirty point buck!