Red Cross Jewelry

I am so thankful to have a warm house today!  Kids are off both today and tomorrow because of the bitter cold.  I thought I would write a little about the vintage red cross necklaces you can find in our Gallery of finds page.  To start I am not much of a jewelry person, but I got this idea when I saw what you can do with resin/epoxy for jewelry making and I just loved the look of these Red Cross pins in the silver bezel with that cool glass (epoxy/resin) dome over it!  So if others like them as much as I do and want to buy them I will make more because I have quite a few vintage red cross pins that I love dearly but now have a really good use for!  They are currently $22.00 free shipping in the US!  You can either leave a message here in the contact page or go to my FB page and private message me.