3 Options

This little venture has really taken off and so many have asked including myself what's next for Apothecary Design?  I've narrowed it down to 3 options. Option 1: Keep doing what we have been doing.  Flea Markets, possible vintage vender fairs, occasional pop up style brick and mortar shop.  Option 2: rent a smallish storefront, be open two weekends a month, still do flea markets.Option 3:  Start a vintage marketplace, include 3-5 other venders with great vintage style.  HELP! So much to think and pray about!  In all honesty I feel called to the vintage marketplace idea, but in all reality I make a better indian than chief and I don't know if I would want to run the marketplace but would rather just have a space. If I knew of a great vintage marketplace that is what I would do, but I don't.  I am feeling very blessed to even have this many options, but decisions can be hard.  Any comments much appreciated.



Source: www.facebook/d.apothecary