Thanks, Thankful, Thanksgiving!  I really can't believe in 2 days we will be opening our first shoppe!  I feel so thankful to so many!  Sam for really encouraging me that yes we could do this, Kaili for always chipping in to help for whatever needs to happen and not complaining, Max for fixing stuff that I couldn't, David for his support and help with the space, Molly for having to share me with all of you more than she likes!  Also my sister and many  friends who were so great about sharing and liking and really rallying around this idea.  Special businesses in Whitewater like GMA Printing, When Pigs Fly, Tained Luv, and The Black Sheep.  I feel very blessed and thankful on this Thanksgiving Eve and I just wanted to share that!  Hope to see many people on Friday November 29 at 10:00 am 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI.