Apologetic Absence

Yes, I'm sorry.  I have not been very good at keeping up with this blog or website.  With Facebook and Instagram being so much more interactive, I prefer to update on there.  I also am not as happy with the look of this site any more as I feel it doesn't represent our brand as much  since we have changed and evolved as all businesses do.  With that said though I have a plan to change this site up a bit, work on better branding and logo, and try to keep you all updated a bit more too.  

Now on to what's been happening!  We are still at  Vintage Bliss in Beloit, WI which has turned into a huge vintage marketplace second to none!  We share that space with Coole Junque which is not only a wonderful design addition, but very helpful indeed.  We also will be back at Elkhorn Antique Flea Market on May 15th, we are very excited to be back to where it all started for us!  You can find many of our goodies online in our Etsy shop, there is a link on the home page here.  You can keep most updated on our Facebook page or our Instagram account.  Thanks for stopping by!

Post Pop UP

Another Christmas Pop Up Shoppe and what a success it was!  If you would have told me a year ago about everything that was going to happen with Apothecary Design over the next year since our last Christmas Pop Up, I would never have believed you!!  Several more pop ups, several vintage markets, becoming part of a wonderful vintage store, starting an Etsy Shop, closing in on 2000 followers on Facebook and just the shear joy of it all!  I, or should I say we,(there are a few of us contributing here) feel so incredibly blessed to have all of this happen in one year, it's a little crazy sometimes when things happen so fast, but sometimes you just have to roll with it, and everything goes fine! I will be keeping you posted on what's next for Apothecary Design, but for now check out our ever expanding Etsy shop, you can follow the link on our home page!

Cold on Cold

It has been just about 2 years since I had a bad cold- I know, remarkable right??  So this one has knocked me on my back side to say the least!  Then there is the arctic freeze we are having right now in Wisconsin-not ready for Winter, not ready for Winter, say it with me now NOT READY FOR WINTER!  Except for Christmas of coarse!  I love Christmas!  Which brings me to our second annual Vintage Christmas Shoppe topic.  What will you find there:  Stars and lots of them, birch stars, hand felted stars, star ornaments, star garland, mini trees, medium trees, big trees, real and fake! Deer, deer and more deer!  Fuzzy deer, newsprint deer, glitter deer and even a deer made out of cattails (the plant)!  Cloches big and small with wonderful curiosities in them, fairy lights, signs, both  handmade and vintage remakes.  Topiaries and Terrariums! Lots of  great hand painted furniture, vintage christmas items and other antiquities and much much more!  So come join us and When Pigs Fly on November 20th or 21st or 22nd from 10-5. Yes that's right, you have only 3 days to get a chance to see and or get, some of the best Christmas stuff in Wisconsin! 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI

Not quite Halloween, but ready for Christmas

So Halloween is next week and I'm ready for Christmas!  Well Christmas pics, posts, and pine trees that is!  I never used to be like this but in my world now, once your big fall shows are over you gotta start thinking about Christmas right away, cuz your Christmas shows come quickly after Halloween with everyone wanting to get a jump on decorating and gift buying.  So that explains pics and posts but what about pine trees you may ask, I just love love them, the smell, how they look and how they and other trees and topiaries blend with my vintage goods!  I am so excited for our 2nd annual Vintage Christmas Shoppe this year because When Pigs Fly is joining in the fun!  That means there will be twice as much Vintage Christmas Awesomeness as last year!  So make sure to join us November 20th, 21st and 22nd at 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI. That's deer hunter's widows weekend for us Wisconsinites, you know, when husbands give wives permission to buy whatever they want because they are having such  a great time with their bros chasing after the elusive thirty point buck!  

Intentionally Busy

So there is lots going on for Apothecary Design!  First off we are pickn, purchasing and primping (our finds) for our 3 events this fall!  All the while keeping Vintage Bliss stocked!  Truthfully I'm glad to be busy as it is going to be quite hard as #1 son is heading to college, which leaves me with just my baby girl ( she's 13) at home, and after raising 4 kids, well, let's just say it's going to be weird here for awhile!  So I am happy to be busy, starting with The Country Vintage Market on Saturday September 27th located on a beautiful country property at N3819 Scharine Rd. Whitewater, WI. Joining me is our friends at When Pigs Fly and Coole' Junque', you should all be soooo excited to see the vintage goods that we are all going to have at this sale!  Tons of painted vintage  furniture, chippy, repurposed, chalk painted and milk painted! Many items to decorate your lovely homes with, farmhouse/cottage style items, Industrial,  primitive, and some lovely Autumn items as well. If it's vintage and it's cool we will have it!  I will be following up with this post telling about  what we will be doing 2 weeks later with Nellie's Barn Sale on October 10th and 11th in Roscoe, IL!  One more thing to add, I have a new roommate at Vintage Bliss!  Kim from When Pigs Fly joined me down there and boy did we have fun setting up!  So make sure to check out our new space in Beloit at Vintage Bliss, open Wednesday - Sunday!

Back to Beloit!

Well apparently going up and down the stairs at Vintage Bliss carrying heavy furniture and spending 4 hours reconfiguring my room was not good for my back... yep went out on me.  It's not as bad as it has been other times but I've spent the better part of today laying flat!  It's all worth it though if I know it makes my customers happy to find a new treasure in such a cool place!  In case you are wondering what we do there, we have a room upstairs that we keep filled with our "stuff",  there are also other vendors and the owners Rob and Kristy have the whole downstairs filled!  Once again if you have not had the chance, go to Beloit WI and do some treasure hunting.  Then go just down the street to Bushel and Pecks and have an awesome locally sourced delicious  meal!  So much to see and do in downtown Beloit!  

A Great Flea Market Day!

Wow!  What a great day at Elkhorn Flea Market in good old Wisconsin!  At first we had a little drying off to do, but then the sun came out and so did all of you!  Boy do we love and appreciate our customers!  My largest item for sale sold first thing!  It was a very cool repurposed sheep dipping tank with a custom barn board top turned into a bar!  A lady bought it for her daughter's wedding!  What a great Mom!  Kuddos to When Pigs Fly for joining in on the find and Coole' Junque' in Whitewater for helping us transform that piece, it was a show stopper!  As was the repurposed crib they also helped transform!  Everyone especially the ladies loved that romantic sittn spot!  Who would have guessed one of our very own friends bought it to put on her lovely porch, and does it ever look perfect there!  Thanks again for keeping us running all day yesterday, the day really flew by and now after a short rest we will get to finding for ya! Remember to go to our Facebook page for best updates--facebook.com/d.apothecary 

Elkhorn Flea Market!

We have been so busy getting everything ready for all of our favorite vintage lovers for this Sunday at The Elkhorn Flea Market!  So excited to share with all of you everything we have been collecting and working on!  One thing we are super pumped about is an antique crib turned into a solid piece of furniture for sittin awhile.  It has turned out just as imagined, I hope you all love it as much as we do!  Several cool industrial pieces, medical, and of course our fun terrariums and  plants in vintage containers! So stop down to booth 442 and say hi!


So yes I am all moved in to Vintage Vintage Bliss in Beloit, WI!  I am so happy with how the room turned out, and that I now have items available most days for customers.  It was truly a crazy week, and it took me until today to feel like my old self!  I really hope you (our wonderful customers) will stop down and check out Vintage Bliss, there are other cool vendors there and the owners Rob and Kristy have quite a lot of cool items that take up the downstairs!  I also would like to mention how beautiful the River Walk Park area is right on 51 coming into Beloit, and it's oh so close to Vintage Bliss.  There are even paddle boats! Really worth the drive!

New Happenings!

I am so glad I take my time with my decisions.  Sometimes it's a pain, but when all is said and done and I feel at peace with what I've decided, that's awesome.  I have been asked to be part of many things with Apothecary Design, but joining Vintage Bliss in Beloit WI just felt right!  First off it's such a cute shop that was very much inline with our style,  second, easy going, kind shop owners, and third, I love the idea of having items more available for my customers in an atmosphere that they will love and have fun at! So if you are wondering if we are still planning to have occasional sales in Whitewater, the answer is Yes!  There will be one in September with other vendors out in the country as a matter of fact.  So be watching for info on that! We also plan on being at Elkhorn Flea Market a couple times this summer too, starting in June.  So head down to Beloit (vintage bliss is not very far south of Janesville off of 51) and come to the Big House at 911 E. Grande Ave.  We have our own room upstairs, where you will find all of your Apothecary Design favorites, they even said they would water my topiaries for me, so I will have them too!  


I really needed some rest after having two wonderfully successful weekends with all the hustle and bustle that goes along with Pop Up sale weekends!  So Thank You to all of our wonderful customers that again came and had such wonderful things to say about our shoppe that I wouldn't have even cared if they didn't spend a dime, but as I do have to keep buying stuff I am glad you did find some treasures!  We still have some furniture and other wonderful items available so if you see something  you may be interested in let us know.  Otherwise we hope to be at Elkhorn Flea Market at the end of June.  I will let you know if there will be any other dates in Whitewater this summer. God Bless you all and Thank you for your support, we couldn't do this without our wonderful customers!

Your Apothecary Design Team


I hope you all enjoy the day today!  I plan on it!  Church followed by a wonderful brunch!  A day filled with FAMILY what more could anyone ask for.  So we are less than a week away  from SHOP HOP weekend!  We have been pretty busy since our spring market to have lots of stuff especially GREAT FURNITURE for the weekend!  When Pigs Fly will be joining us again for this great weekend filled with your favorite treasures, food, friends, and free stuff!! So make sure to visit us at 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater WI early, because we open at 8 am! You can head down to The Sweet Spot a couple doors down for a great breakfast or lunch if you come later! Remember there will be a punch card for people visiting shops in the area, and you only need to get 5 punches to be entered in a give away for 3 substantial prizes! You can start with two if you come see us first!  We also have our own give away planned with some of our best stuff for prizes! April 25th and 26th 8-5 see you all next weekend!

Finally Spring!

Yes it is official! Spring is here and it actually feels like it!  It has been so hard trying to get ready for The Vintage Spring Market with all of this cold weather!  I'm really excited about how we have the Marketplace set up this time around!  There really will be something for everyone I think!  The back stable area will be transformed into a lovely garden area, think lots of white chippy English/French garden style!  The machine shop area will be more Industrial and Farmhouse style.  Lots of green also is what I'm hoping, just depending on the weather as to how much!  We also will have two awesome Primitive Work Tables that are really great, a big 'ol primitive hutch, lots of postal cubbies, original chippy tables and lots more! So venture on over to Whitewater and find a treasure or two, maybe something for your Easter table or a unique Mother's Day gift!  April 3rd,4th and 5th!  For more info facebook.com/d.apothecary 

The Vintage Spring Market

Well yes we have come up with some dates!  Apothecary Design presents The Vintage Spring Market!!!   Springing up April 3rd, 4th and 5th!!  We are very excited for this special weekend.  We are hoping for warm weather, wonderful friends, special treasures, and what would a Spring Market be without some lovely flowers and plants!  So mark your calendars, make arrangements  with some friends and be ready come April for some fresh picks!  Watch here and our Facebook page for updates, www.facebook.com/d.apothecary, you can also follow Apothecary Design on Pinterest .

Pray Big

Most of the time I have a life that I feel very blessed to live.  Sometimes though, God answers prayer that may be silly to others but for me, it really helps me to see how he is concerned about even the tiny details of my life.  I saw this last fall when I was really scrambling to find certain items for the Christmas Shoppe, I prayed that if this was the direction I should be going, than please help me find the items I need to be successful, asked and answered in BIG ways!  Then, lately I prayed about what I will be doing next with Apothecary Design, and then once  I made the  decision, prayer to help me start finding items I would need for a spring shoppe weekend, and boy did he deliver!  Quietly letting me know what was good for me and my family where Apothecary Design was concerned and then filling my inboxes full of great finds for all of you!! PRAY BIG!

Red Cross Jewelry

I am so thankful to have a warm house today!  Kids are off both today and tomorrow because of the bitter cold.  I thought I would write a little about the vintage red cross necklaces you can find in our Gallery of finds page.  To start I am not much of a jewelry person, but I got this idea when I saw what you can do with resin/epoxy for jewelry making and I just loved the look of these Red Cross pins in the silver bezel with that cool glass (epoxy/resin) dome over it!  So if others like them as much as I do and want to buy them I will make more because I have quite a few vintage red cross pins that I love dearly but now have a really good use for!  They are currently $22.00 free shipping in the US!  You can either leave a message here in the contact page or go to my FB page and private message me. www.facebook.com/d.apothecary 

3 Options

This little venture has really taken off and so many have asked including myself what's next for Apothecary Design?  I've narrowed it down to 3 options. Option 1: Keep doing what we have been doing.  Flea Markets, possible vintage vender fairs, occasional pop up style brick and mortar shop.  Option 2: rent a smallish storefront, be open two weekends a month, still do flea markets.Option 3:  Start a vintage marketplace, include 3-5 other venders with great vintage style.  HELP! So much to think and pray about!  In all honesty I feel called to the vintage marketplace idea, but in all reality I make a better indian than chief and I don't know if I would want to run the marketplace but would rather just have a space. If I knew of a great vintage marketplace that is what I would do, but I don't.  I am feeling very blessed to even have this many options, but decisions can be hard.  Any comments much appreciated.



Source: www.facebook/d.apothecary

My Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite part of the day is right now.  It's quiet, nobody is up yet since no school today, because it's so COLD outside here in Wisconsin!  Also though, because this is my time to work on this website, go on pinterest, check my Facebook account, read my Bible, and whatever else I can't get done when there is the usual activity of the day.  I'm so excited to see all of the hits on this site from Pinterest!  So if you are reading this, thanks for visiting.  Let us know if you like what you see, or head on over to our Facebook page which is a little more interactive. I am trying to increase my likes and really get this business growing, so like and share if you like our style and what you see!  www.facebook.com/d.apothecary

Stay Warm-


Opening Weekend Awesomeness!

I really am still quite amazed at our awesome opening weekend!  We really didn't know what to expect, so we just figured if no one showed up we had a nice little shoppe anyway!  Man oh man were we busy!  Big Thanks to all the people that came, saw and bought!  So many kind words also!  If you didn't get a chance to visit The Vintage Christmas Shoppe last weekend, come on down to 148 Whitewater St. Friday or Saturday the 6th and 7th!  We sold a lot but there is still plenty of Christmas goodies and some new items for round 2!  We will also have some more outdoor greens and simple live mini trees at cheap prices!  10-6 Friday, 10-5 Saturday our last day!  Thanks Again, we really appreciate you all!


The Apothecary Design Team


Thanks, Thankful, Thanksgiving!  I really can't believe in 2 days we will be opening our first shoppe!  I feel so thankful to so many!  Sam for really encouraging me that yes we could do this, Kaili for always chipping in to help for whatever needs to happen and not complaining, Max for fixing stuff that I couldn't, David for his support and help with the space, Molly for having to share me with all of you more than she likes!  Also my sister and many  friends who were so great about sharing and liking and really rallying around this idea.  Special businesses in Whitewater like GMA Printing, When Pigs Fly, Tained Luv, and The Black Sheep.  I feel very blessed and thankful on this Thanksgiving Eve and I just wanted to share that!  Hope to see many people on Friday November 29 at 10:00 am 148 Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI.