Mother & Daughters

Mother and Daughter duo, Trisha and Sam, can't help but love the old, forgotten, and thrown away.  Sam's desire for collecting antiques created a venture in the summer of 2013 when she decided to sell antiques in a local flea market while inviting her mom along.  They both saw a desperate need for vendors who curate their finds, often noticing that consumers may not see the potential in one piece that is crowded by rubbish. After much success from their first flea market, Sam and Trisha sought out to create a temporary Brick and Mortar place to sell their goods. A pop-up Christmas shop seemed like the way to go; it aligned with their aesthetics and created a chance for people to enjoy their finds in under a limited timeline. Now it's 2015 and the pair has multiplied, with the addition of Sam's older sister Kaili, and several talented collaborators, Apothecary Design is only just beginning.